Data is pivotal for maximizing value and investment from real estate assets. Yet without some form of unified organization, data becomes spread across disparate sources, difficult to consolidate and decipher.
4see analytics works seamlessly with your systems, aggregating your existing data, to provide and predict accurate and actionable insights, with benchmarks to external data too.

Real-Time Analytics

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Navigate 4see's self-service online dashboards and discover previously unknown insights, derived from your real estate data.


Build well-designed reports with the report designer. 4see also integrates with Microsoft Teams, allowing you to easily access and share reports with your team.

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Get instant answers to all your questions about your real estate portfolio with voice analytics. Simply ask 4see anything at anytime.

Benefits of using 4see for analytics

Actionable insights derived from your own data

AI-powered voice analytics

Spots anomalies using Machine Learning

Self-service online dashboards

Cloud-based with cyber security

Scalable solution to grow with your business

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Generate well-designed reports

Creates more time and productivity

Our step-by-step process


Identify, Analyze & Aggregate Disparate Systems

Study the businesses management and disparate systems.


Data Ingestion

Build data connections to extract, analyze & upload data into the digital data warehouse


Data Warehousing

Validate the data within the data warehouse, set up rules and quality routines to ensure real-time data analysis.


Actionable Insights

Connect the data source to the reporting systems and deliver key user driven reports based on pre-defined KPI’s and predictive analytics.


Analytics Monitoring & Delivery

Transition the system to the users & move into support mode through the use of Virtual Assistants, Chatbots, Phone and Alerts.

Our integration expertise

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